Finis Positive Drive Fins Review

By the makers of the popular Zoomers swim fins, Finis Positive Drive Fins are unique in that they are designed to be compatible with all strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Because of the short, ellipsoidal blades, the Positive Drive Fins are a very interesting additive to laps of any style.

Finis Positive Drive Fins

The Positive Drive Fins incorporate a unique asymmetrical blade design which correct the swimmer’s kick and encourage a natural “supination” kick. In other words, the fins maintain an inward rotation on the feet, allowing this natural kick cycle to generate increased propulsion. This was certainly true. The fins were light on resistance, but definitely gave a substantial boost to my flutter, breaststroke, and dolphin kick.

In fact, one of the most unique features of the Positive Drive Training Fins is their ability to be used safely with the breaststroke kick. Many traditionally-shaped fins catch improper resistance on a breaststroke kick, which could cause joint injury or discomfort. These fins, however, have a fantastic capacity to accommodate the breaststroke kick without the risk of injury. I was impressed by the power they added to my breaststroke, but my ankle flexion felt somewhat impeded by the cut of the fin.

Just as advertised, the short, elliptical blades are effective when used with freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. And although these fins are economical and convenient, I thought the level of comfort was a bit lacking. The silicone did not yield to the contours of my foot, making the top arches of my feet a tad uncomfortable during my swim.

On the other hand, I give Finis high marks for the ingenious use of an adjustable heel strap rather than a traditional foot pocket. This feature holds the fins securely in place without the chaffing often caused by an ill-fitting heel. All in all, the Finis Positive Drive Fins are a valuable addition to any swimmer’s training equipment (especially if you’re an IM’er).

Positive Drive Fins come in a variety of sizes from XS-XXL based on shoe size.

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  1. I just found your website .awesome!!! This mronnig I saw a guy swimming in the lane next to me at the YMCA who had one of your snorkels ..I actually wrote the name of the snorkel and came back to find you .so excited to find a company that supports the sport of swimming with products and community support!I teach swimming to adults and I’m a healthy lifestyle coach in Tampa Fla ..I have used a snorkel for years to assist beginners .love how you guys have revol

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