Finis Zoomers Fit Review

Finis Zoomers Fit Swim Fins are made from a lightweight, comfortable material called surflex rubber. Surflex is a mixture of recycled and new rubber granules combined with high-tech resins. The surflex material makes this swim fin more rigid than a pure rubber or foam fin.

Finis Zoomers Fit Fins

While most traditional training fins are meant for swimmers focusing on training at race speeds or improving their stroke work, the Zoomers Fit is a fitness oriented swim fin, meant for swimmers looking for a more challenging cardiovascular workout. As soon as your foot starts moving you’ll notice the propulsion created on the up kick. This propulsion is created by a channel underneath the blade of the fin called the “flex box”. By creating resistance this “flex box” will not only help to target and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings of the swimmer, but will help to ensure a more intense cardiovascular workout. These fins are designed to make swimming easier while also increasing leg strength. Because of their buoyancy, the Finis Zoomers Fit Fins promote an elevated body position. This elevated position helps keep my legs active during the swim.

Like most traditional swim fins, the Zoomers Fit have a short blade. Due to the short blade design, shorter, faster, flutter kicks ideal for fitness swimming are possible. Faster flutter kicks translate into a more rigorous cardiovascular workout. See my section on Cardio on the main page of the Swim Fins 101 info site. When properly sized, the closed heel design of the Finis Zoomers Fit provides a secure fit ensuring a proper transfer of power from leg to fin. Remember, a tighter fitting fin is a more efficient fin. See my relevant section on Proper Fitting Fins on the main page of the Swim Fins 101 info site.

In summary, I would recommend these to a swimmer who wants to focus on getting a good cardiovascular workout while also targeting and strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. They would not be appropriate for a competition swimmer looking to train at race speeds.

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