Speedo Biofuse vs. Speedo Short Blade Fins

Speedo fins are among the highest quality swim fins available. They’re also some of the most sought-after training tools. Because of their incredible ubiquity, I thought that a comparison of the two most popular Speedo swim training fins would be helpful for swimmers unsure of the difference. Knowing Speedo’s quality control and thorough attention to detail, there is no wrong choice. But hopefully this review will give you an idea of which suits you best.

Speedo Short Blade Fins

Speedo Short Blade Training Fins

The Speedo Short Blade fins incorporate a nice combination of resistance and propulsion to increase the efficacy of the training session. I have been putting the Speedo Short Blade Fins to work for several years now and I’m still pleased with how these fins hold up. Their compact design makes them ideal for technique training, while their short, rigid blade makes them perfect for maintaining kick tempo and overall speed, while fine-tuning ankle flexion and timing. The entire fin is made from soft, durable silicone. The silicone material remains stiff against the water, but soft against the foot – ideal for avoiding chafing and blisters.

These mighty little fins can even tackle the surf. Their modest size makes the Short Blades highly manoeuvrable in open water. Plus, their lightweight composition makes them an easy take-along companion for team practice, ocean swimming, or travel. And, although I’m typically not a fan of silicone fins because of chaffing, I found these to be quite wearable (though I’ve never worn them in salt water).

Speedo Biofuse Fins

Speedo Biofuse Fins

Just like the Short Blades, these fins provide boosts in power, strength, and speed when the fins come off. But, unlike the square toe of the Speedo Short Blade Fins, the Biofuse Training Fins feature a more rounded edge, as well as a notched blade. The notch in the tip of the blade stabilizes the fin laterally – ideal for swimmers with knee problems. And impressively, a few laps in the Speedo Biofuse Fins is enough to build intensity in your calves, thighs, and buttocks.

Rather than utilizing only soft silicone, the Biofuse melds both hard and soft materials to help maximize the fins’ performance and fit. The soft silicone on the foot pockets is fairly comfortable – though my heels felt a bit raw until the 4th or 5th wear. One note on Biofuse fins: It seems that they run a bit small. If you’re between sizes, you’ll probably might want to choose the size up.

The difference really comes down to preference and utilization. While both fins are considered a short blade training fin, the Speedo Biofuse Fins’ blades are slightly larger (about 15%) than the Short Blades. As a result, the Biofuse Fins demand a heavier workload by providing more resistance. However, if you aim to focus on tempo and technique, the Short Blade may be the better option.

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