Who Am I?

I go by Coach Drinkwater, or “Coach.” I’ve been swimming for more than 20 years, so I’ve seen fin models come and go (and some are still hangin’ in there). I’ve also taught swimming lessons for more than a decade and experimented with lots of materials, blade lengths and shapes, and heel types. These reviews are just my opinion, but I’d like to think that I know what I’m talking about.

If you want to see a review on a fin or have a comment on any I discuss here, just drop me a line and I’ll be sure to add your thoughts to my review.


  1. Hi,
    I participate in lifesaving sport and am looking into buying a pair of rescue fins. I was wondering if you know what the benefits are from rescue fins.

    1. Good question, Morgyn. My apologies for the delayed response.

      I think that you’ll likely want a fin with excellent propulsion, but that is not long enough to be cumbersome. In any aquatic environment (the ocean, especially), DMC fins fit the bill. They were designed by and for surfers to propel past the breakers. They are a short-bladed fin with enormously dynamic propulsion. You can find several models of DMC fins here: https://www.aquagear.com/dmc-swim-fins/

  2. Hi, i’m looking for a short blade fins that can be used for temporary snorkeling @ the ocean. Can you recommend some?

    1. Hi, Walter. Thanks for your question. Typically, snorkeling fins are a longer-blade variety which offer more propulsion with less effort than a short blade style. If you’re really set on a short blade fin, you’ll want something that propels well and that *isn’t* designed for fitness (e.g., Finis Zoomers are fitness fins and will tire you out quickly in the ocean). My only short blade recommendation would be the DMC Elite Fins because they were made for ocean swimming and bodysurfing: https://www.aquagear.com/dmc-elite-swim-fins/

      If you would consider a longer blade fin, I like the simplicity of the US Divers Sea Lion Fins. They’re made from rubber so they “break in” as you wear them, making them a more comfortable option than silicone that won’t mold to the individual’s foot. Plus, they’re fairly inexpensive: https://www.aquagear.com/us-divers-sea-lion/

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