Zoomers Fins: Cardio Endurance & Upper Leg Work

Zoomers Fit Pair

Great For Conditioning

Made from durable, stiff rubber, the Finis Zoomers Fit Swim Fins can help you achieve your water-based fitness goals. Their hard, short blades use the patented Zoomers technology to work both your upper leg muscles and cardiovascular system. They were designed to easily generate forward propulsion, while still heavily engaging the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Plus, short bladed fins help promote a faster, more compact kick that’s specific to swimming. Finis added a “Flex Box” on the underside of the fin to further strengthen muscle groups that other, traditional fins exclude. The “Flex Box” helps catch water during the up-kick of the flutter kick, and targets the back of the legs for a more effective, full leg workout. Finis Zoomers Fit Fins engage all of the muscles in the leg while providing an intense cardio workout.

High Quality Finis Brand Name

Finis puts a lot of time and research into designing each of their fin models to serve a specific purpose. The Zoomers Fit Swim Fin, with its unique blade shape, is a fitness-orientated fin aimed at fitness and competitive swimmers. In addition to their ability to raise strength and cardio levels, this Finis fin is also designed to help float the legs into proper body positioning. This slight buoyancy allows swimmers to achieve an ideal body position in order to better slice through the water with efficiency. The Zoomers Fit are made from durable, yet lightweight Surflex material that can withstand a serious workout and remain comfortable against the skin.

Extremely Comfortable

The Finis Zoomers Fit Swim Fins might make your leg muscles burn, but their comfort fit foot pocket is sure to remain soft against the skin. The fins utilize a close-heel design that ensures a chafe-free, slip-free fit. The Zoomers Fits are available in a wide range of foot sizes that can easily fit the majority of male and female swimmers. The fins are comfortable enough to wear for endurance workouts, yet effective enough to produce real results in just a few short swims.

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